Another Embarassment for Emirates

Reports on minor aviation incidents virtually never make it into the news but they can tell you a great deal about the standards of the airlines involved.

In April this year a Boeing 777 of Emirates suffered severe turbulence on a flight from Dubai to Kochi. The official report has just been published and, whilst it could be that the Indian authorities are being a little over-zealous, it is far from complimentary about the way the airline behaved.

The report criticises the pilots for not communicating properly with the control tower at Kochi as soon as they were aware of the problem. It also states that the pilots did not turn on the Seat Belt signs when the aircraft first hit turbulence. Maybe most damning of all is the complaint that the airline “tried to suppress” the number of injured. Emirates claimed there was just one injury but, in fact, eighteen passengers and one crew member were injured.

We are more than happy to accept cultural differences and we do appreciate some Arabs have a genuine problem dealing with negative news, but Emirates cannot pretend to be a major First World airline one minute and then behave like a Third World one the next.

20 thoughts on “Another Embarassment for Emirates

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