Bargain Alert

Bank Holidays are a traditional time for airlines and hotel chains to launch special Sales. The August Bank Holiday is a particularly popular time because it marks the end of the traditional summer peak so airlines and hotels are once again looking for customers.

We have no inside knowledge of which airline or hotel chain will announce a sudden sale. These are often promoted at short notice and might only last for three or four days. If you are a registered customer with a particular airline or chain you are likely to get email notification of any special promotion but if there is a company you are interested in then it might be an idea to register now and keep an eye on their website.

Unless you are travelling in the next few days, or availability for a flight or hotel is already looking tight, we would hold off making a booking until the weekend. It also would not do any harm to do a bit of study in advance by looking at sites such as which will show you fare graphs to see how fares develop over a period. There is no point in rushing to grab a bargain and then discovering it was only the fairly standard price that other companies were offering.

Doing a little work now might help you get a very good deal at the weekend. Remember that for a company to promote a price as “special” it should be a genuine reduction on what is currently on offer – that suggests this week’s prices might be artificially high so they can be reduced at the weekend!

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