Breast augmentation offer to frequent flyers

What’s an airline to do when faced the near total cancellation of services due to industrial action by your pilots?

Here’s a bright idea! Why not offer your frequent flyers the opportunity to redeem points in exchange for breast augmentation and other procedures at your country’s leading centre of Plastic Surgery excellence?

This marvellous non-sequitur is what Finnair appears to be up to with the introduction last week of the Nordstrom Hospital, Helsinki as a Plus Partner. Customers wishing to use their air miles for enhancement surgery must first book a €95 consultation at the hospital before using loyalty points for the voucher. Earning the 3.18 million points for breast augmentation surgery would require 120 return business-class flights between Helsinki and New York, strikes permitting, according to a points table on Finnair’s website. Miles earned with the airline are valid for five years.

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