But I don't want to be a Rockstar

Virgin Holidays likes to market itself as a friendly, youthful company. It is currently running a promotion which tries to emphasise the personal care its customers get with the tag – “everyone gets treated like a rockstar”.

Despite the fact that many so-called rockstars are more qualified to take holidays with Saga than with Club 18-30, the aim of the campaign is clearly to woe younger travellers. This sort of ageist advertising is a double-edge sword. It might attract the young but turn-off older or middle-aged customers. In fact this is precisely the sort of advertising that would turn me away from Virgin Holidays and push me into the arms of one of the quality operators that caters for grown-ups.

Anyone booking a package through a High Street agent might like to know that staff are being given a £10 shopping voucher for every booking they make during the promotion.

One thought on “But I don't want to be a Rockstar

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