Save £100 on British Airways Club Europe

Hilton HHonors and British Airways have come up with a special offer that seems generous enough to bother about, but it has just three days left to run so you must move quickly…

All you have to do to save £100 per person on a British Airways Club Europe flight is book your travel before midnight 27th September 2013 via this website and enter the offer code to claim your discount.  Travel must be completed before 31st March 2014.

Cheap late holidays and the Egypt effect

The FCO continues to say that travel to the Red Sea resorts of Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada is safe so package holidays can continue – though most other holidays to Egypt will be cancelled because of the FCO’s ban against non-essential travel. The Red Sea resorts take by far of the majority of visitors so the extra numbers of people looking for a holiday at short notice will be quite limited.

However, new bookings to the Red Sea will, inevitably, reduce and this area is a major source of the supposed “late bargains” touted by the package tour companies. People looking for a late-booking will concentrate on other areas.

Then there is the possibility that the situation in Egypt will deteriorate and all travel will be banned by the FCO. This would immediately create a big problem for package tour companies as they would struggle to re-book people to Greece, Turkey and the Canaries.

In other words, if you are hoping to pick up a late bargain to one of these areas in the next few weeks, it might be wise to move quickly. Package tour companies have been caught with egg on their faces in the past and are now much more cautious about controlling their capacity so late deals are more limited – and, if the situation changed in Egypt, they could become very expensive overnight.

On the other hand, if the crisis in Egypt subsides quite quickly, then it is likely that the market will be flooded by special deals as the Egyptian trade seeks to regain any business temporarily lost.

And, whilst we accept the FCO’s comments that the Red Sea resorts are safe, it is just worth making a couple of points:

- The resorts are effectively fenced-in from the lawless lands outside. The Egyptian army has been fighting a losing battle in the last few years to control the terrorists and assorted bandits that control the area. With rather more to occupy them in the big cities, it is likely the army will be stretched making any effective control even more difficult.

- All the Red Sea resorts rely on supplies arriving by road from Cairo. Any disruption, or strike will be felt almost immediately. Maybe there are no corn flakes at breakfast which is not a disaster but a serious fuel shortage would be.


Today’s Groupon Deal

Until midnight tonight, 1st April, follow this link for a 55% reduction on the Heathrow Express. You pay £7.50 instead of £16.50, maximum four groupons per person, to be used by 31st October. What’s not to like? To find out more about Inside Traveller, click here.

A Groupon deal worth having, but hurry…

Buried next to one of today’s deals (in itself quite sexy, offering a gliding lesson for £40 – £55 off the full price), there’s a two-thirds off promotion on Executive lounges at Stansted and Gatwick North and South. With this promotion access to the Executive Lounges will cost you just £12. But hurry – this offer closes at midnight tonight (25th February)!

Sign-up for bargains

You might have heard of Groupon, the American company that has made a name for itself with daily emails to members offering special time-limited deals in their city. Only a few weeks ago, Google was on the verge of paying an enormous sum to buy the company but pulled out on competition concerns.

Groupon launched in London earlier this year and, whilst it has to be said their daily offers are not often to our taste (rather too many tooth-whitening and botox deals), they do occasionally have some very interesting travel offers. Only the other day they were selling vouchers for £6.50 to be redeemed for a £16.50 one-way ticket on the Heathrow Express. Whilst there are quite regular special deals on this service, we have never seen anything anywhere near as low as this. They also offer vouchers for hotels and restaurants which can be very attractive.

If you are not already a member, it is well worth taking a look and joining  here.


This is a link to the London service – it is probably worth joining even if you do not live in London, since not all the deals are London-orientated and the service is likely to launch in a City near you at some time in the next year.