The new face of Ryanair

To show the “new” Ryanair really is different, and has a sense of humour, they’ve even put this on their Twitter page:

Another safety video with a difference

Air New Zealand does it again. The airline already has a reputation for innovative safety videos. This time, in an effort to grab and keep passengers’ attention through the whole 4 minutes 27 seconds, the airline is employing the talents of Bear Grylls.

Some might say he shouldn’t give up the day job (while other japesters have advised passengers to avoid the “fruit juice”), but we say bravo Air NZ for at least trying.

Another marketing triumph…

… again, from Kulula Air (mentioned before in despatches).

A novel marketing campaign

This is the latest from Kulula Air, a South African low-fare airline based at Johannesburg – and it’s a real offer! Terms and Conditions are tight though – marriage certificates required. It’s valid on the Jo’burg to Cape Town route from 23rd to 30th April, in honour of President Jacob Zuma’s marriage to Gloria,  his sixth wife, on 20th April.

Flight attendant star quality

Is this the world’s coolest flight attendant?

Some might find this clip as squirm-making as “watching yer dad dance”, but this flight attendant certainly gets the punters’ attention.

Politically incorrect – but funny

This ad has been getting more publicity on the internet following the Strauss-Kahn affair at the Sofitel New York. Before we get awarded the Ken Clarke Memorial Prize for Insensitivity, we should point out that we are not making light of what Mr Strauss-Kahn is alleged to have done. Nor do we want to poke fun at hotel maids who have a difficult job and are often paid close to slave-labour wages. However, the ad is amusing and the last line is a gem:

British Airways commercial alternative

This was filmed over a year ago at a corporate event but is worth a look if you’ve not seen it. The two performers work for British Airways and provide some good clean fun at their employer’s expense.

Calling all fans of Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Airlines would not have lacked style. (But isn’t it a shame that the animation is not nearly as good as the impersonation?)

Many a true word…

Even feckin’ fans of Ryanair (feck ‘em) will enjoy this: