Heathrow's Terminal 4 back in business but…

Heathrow Terminal 4  is now very much back in business. It was vacated gradually by British Airways as the airline moved to Terminal 5 and, one by one, other airlines have come into the building as it has been modernised. The airline is now the home of SkyTeam members (including Air France, Delta and Czech) and a number of both large and small non-alliance carriers, such as Emirates, Etihad, Malaysia Airlines and others. The terminal definitely offers better conditions for airlines and their passengers than those enjoyed at their previous terminals but there is a catch – the terminal is rather less accessible than it was in the past. Previously, all Tube trains called at both Terminal 4 and the central station for 1, 2 and 3 but now only one in three trains goes to the terminal with more going to 1, 2 and 3 and then on to 5. Most coach services are concentrated on the central area and 5, and hotel and car park shuttle services are also concentrated on the other four terminals.

This is not to say that Terminal 4 is inaccessible, but wise travellers should plan their  journey to Heathrow with extra care when they use this terminal. Some hotels and car parks are much more convenient and have dedicated shuttles, and these are obviously preferable to others which may involve one shuttle to the central area and then another to Terminal 4. The same applies to coaches. If you are arriving by Tube, you should note that the interval between trains is likely to be at least ten minutes rather than the previous service of one train every five minutes at peak periods.

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