Learning to fly

Young pilots get a pretty harsh deal nowadays. Instead of generous airlines paying to train them, they have to fund their own studies at pilot-schools that work jointly with airlines, who then recruit them on low salaries to fly with passengers whilst still undergoing some training. Some older pilots complain the new, more computer-based, training courses are not as effective as the old ways of learning by flying small aircraft, and they disapprove of a system that lets airlines get young pilots on the cheap. 

The system can lead to abuse and it is hard not to disapprove of some airlines that charge young pilots a fee for “employing” them to fly for their first thousand hours of commercial flying. Not all airlines are so bad though. It is worth having a look at www.theaviatorblog.com/blog – it’s written by James May, a new easyJet pilot. The blog has followed James through his student days and has now ended with his first posting to the easyJet base in Berlin. Unlike many such blogs, it is actually well-written and gives a very good view of the training given. Those First Officers might look worryingly fresh-faced but they do know what they are doing.

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