More Strikes

We should not become so besotted by British news that we forget what is happening abroad. The strike by BA cabin crew is hogging the headlines but did you know that:

Air France cabin crew are planning a walk-out for three days from 26th march?

TAP pilots are also intending to strike from 26th to 31st march?

Neither the website of Air France nor TAP have any information on these planned strikes on their home page. We regard this as scandalous. It is the duty of any airline to inform passengers of possible disruption – even if the company still feels it can negotiate a settlement with its employees. To keep selling tickets but not inform people (either those who already have tickets or those who are about to buy) is disgraceful.

It is also worth noting that the cabin crew union for American Airlines has applied for the right to strike and the Lufthansa pilots who went on strike earlier this year still have not settled their disagreement with the company so further action remains possible. Since no date has been declared for any action, we do not feel the airlines need inform their passengers at this stage.

However, the behaviour of both Air France and TAP suggests they are airlines to avoid, strike or no strike, since they appear to have little interest in their customers.

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