Naughty flybe

Good to see that the ASA have taken flybe to task over one of their ads. They were advertising “free flights” for those taking out their branded credit card but only mentioned in very small print that “taxes and charges” were  extra. This is important because a proportion of this figure is simply profit for the airline, rather than any statutory charge for security or government tax.

We have said several times that, despite their carefully crafted “country bumpkin” image, flybe are every bit as sharp with advertising and extra charges as Ryanair. You need to watch them like a hawk.

Also, they really do not seem to understand the way airlines use their frequent flyer programmes to both create customer loyalty and make money on their own account. Introducing an expiration date for points earned using the wrong excuse of new accounting legislation and blocking certain popular routes for redemption show an airline that has not got to grips with how to run a frequent flyer programme.

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