Surely they can’t be serious – or can they?

Air India is in a mess and has been in a mess for years. With each government restructuring plan it simply gets worse. For the last few years it has been on our list of airlines to avoid and it is hard to see that changing.

The airline was supposed to be going through the process of joining Star Alliance but the alliance has clearly got fed up with the interminable delays as the airline has struggled – presumably unsuccessfully – to bring its operations into line with the other members of the alliance. A terse announcement from Star Alliance said that the application was now “on hold”. It now seems likely that Star will try to bring in Jet Airways which would be a good move since it is by far the best airline in India (though that is hardly a major compliment).

The next step for Air India was almost inevitable – a rumour that the airline is now looking to join SkyTeam. We have been saying for so long that this alliance is so desperate to grow it will take almost anyone but it is now becoming a joke. Even without Air India, it is quite obviously the alliance for airlines that cannot join either of the two proper alliances. Sadly for the couple of decent airlines in the alliance, Air India looks to be a near perfect fit.

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