EasyJet’s curious ad campaign

The new BA campaign might be a little cheesey for some, and it is unlikely to win over those who view the airline as hopelessly elitist, but there is no question that it brings out the strengths of the airline. The same could be said for Virgin Atlantic’s campaign last year. Now easyJet have launched their first major brand-awareness campaign for a long time and what a mess it is!

Watch one of the BA ads and you are certain to remember which airline is the subject. You can sit through a whole series of the easyJet ads and you might still have difficulty working out what they are supposed to be advertising. Are they saying the airline has good value fares and is friendly? That would be a fairly obvious statement but they manage to avoid passing on any message at all. A few destinations, some smiling people and a brief name-check of the airline at the end. What is it trying to say?

The campaign was premiered during an ad-break in Downton Abbey a couple of weeks ago. Within minutes, someone had tweeted to easyJet to say what a change it was to the BA ads because it actually focused on the passengers, rather than the airline. One might imagine that rather helpful tweet came from someone at the advertising agency or within easyJet. The whole point of a brand-awareness campaign is that it is all about the airline! Mentioning the name of the company as an after-thought at the end is not the idea at all.

Both BA and easyJet have spent a lot of money on their campaigns. BA’s is winning praise from all quarters, including within the advertising industry. By the side of it, easyJet’s attempt looks dreadfully inept.

Time for a new advertising agency for easyJet!