Air Asia brings its LLC concept to London hotels

Tony Fernandes’ PR dept must be working overtime. Hard on the heals of reports that his long haul airline Air Asia X is scaling back the In-flight Entertainment offered on its planes, comes the news that this hyperactive entrepreneur plans to bring 1,500 new hotel rooms to the British capital.

Tune, part of the Tune Group, Mr Fernandes’ private investment outfit, has formed a strategic partnership  with London-based Queensway Group to invest in, develop and operate 15 hotels. The first example of its “five-star sleeping experience at a one-star price” is scheduled to open at 118 Westminster Bridge Road in the third quarter of this year. The company avoids gyms, conference facilities and up-market catering, and instead focuses on high quality basics such as comfy beds with en-suite power showers and a pay-as-you-use system of optional add-ons for energy-consuming amenities. As you’d expect, the best deals are available for those that book early, online.

The First Cuckoo?

As night follows day, travel bargains follow any form of natural catastrophe. We would certainly never advocate travelling to anywhere dangerous but an earthquake in a remote region of a country can put people off travelling to the whole country, and neighbouring countries as well. The travel business can only react in the way it knows best – by slashing rates.

We still do not know the full extent of the Swine Flu outbreak but the image of Mexico has been severely tarnished and we imagine some nervous travellers will avoid the country for months, if not years,  to come. Assuming that Mexico is given some form of “all clear” in the next few weeks, we can expect a rush of bargain deals. If you are interested in Mexico, it might just be worth waiting for a little while because there are bound to be savings to be made.

However, even we were a little surprised last week when we spotted a group of hotels in Cancun offering some very special rates – but only to travel trade employees. That does rather look like indecent haste but if you are looking for some cheap, slightly exotic, sun in June then Mexico might be just the place