Boeing 787 impressions

Earlier this month our publisher had his first trip on a Boeing 787 – from Oslo Gardemoen to Gatwick, care of Norwegian. Was he impressed?

Yes, it did have a “new-car” smell.

In a way, impressively unimpressive – anyone not interested in planes, even frequent flyers, might not notice the difference.

The much heralded LED mood lighting struck me as gimmicky.

You only notice how big the windows are when you start looking out of them. The innovative window-dimmers (the plane doesn’t have blinds) worked well eventually, but required a rather strong finger to press the button hard enough to get any response.

Much has been made about the 787’s cabin pressure being set to 6,000 feet, rather than the usual 7,500–8,000 feet. I must say I didn’t notice the difference. In fact, my ears started popping the moment we left the cruise at 43,000 feet, as usual.

The clincher is the noise level – this is the thing that most impressed me. I was sitting in economy just behind the wing and it was noticeably quieter than any other plane I’ve ever been on, at all segments of the flight.

So, yes, sort of.