Will heads roll at THY's ad agency?

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This is not without irony given Turkish Airlines’ less than stellar safety record.

Please be nice to Turkish Airlines

You might not realise it but Turkish Airlines is one of the world’s fastest growing airlines. They are increasing their capacity by 20% next year and have been achieving similar growth for the last few years. Thanks to the relatively low costs of being based in Turkey, the airline is also boasting of its profit for 2009. Unfortunately, its CEO, Temel Kotil is not happy, “I am not satisfied with our image”.

The airline’s image used to be dreadful. They were notorious for poor service and had a shocking safety reputation. Service has undoubtedly improved but there are still pockets of resistance amongst some staff who regard passengers as a nuisance. The safety record has also improved but the crash in Amsterdam earlier this year shows that problems remain since the causes of the accident appear to be poor record-keeping of maintenance and bad behaviour by pilots (particularly serious since there was a Training Captain on board).

Mr Kotil is considering an increased advertising budget to improve the image of the airline.

Maybe we can offer some free advice.

By all means spend more on advertising but it will only work if the image presented matches reality. The travelling public are not the fools some airline executives like to imagine. If all levels of service in the airline can be brought up to the best world standards and if all the pilots and maintenance staff can be persuaded/forced to follow the rules, word will soon get out that Turkish Airlines is offering a top service at good rates. If that is not done, all the advertising in the world will not help improve the airline’s image.

Airline ads from around the world #1

Here’s an ad from Turkish Airlines that we thought might give you a chuckle. It’s in English (mostly) and features Kevin Costner:

Another expanding airline

Turkish Airlines (THY) has announced it is launching some holiday routes this summer to Antalya, from Dusseldorf, Paris and Stockholm. Schedules have yet to be announced.

Last October the airline announced a substantial commercial aircraft purchase tender for 105 planes valued at US $6 billion, and obviously the current downturn and its patchy safety record is not holding it back.