Just to let you know our trip out to Oz on Emirates was first class – well
Business actually.  Really very good. … Also, as you accurately predicted, we both got Avios miles and tier points. Which is brilliant. Thanks for your help with this.


Thanks very much for the prompt and helpful reply.

You may be right that Kayak is still the best of the normal comparison sights but I find it not as easy to use as it used to be. However, I have just had a look at matrix.itasoftware.com and it is  just what I have been looking for.


I just wanted to thank you David for alerting us to Icelandair’s new Anchorage service – it really makes the whole Alaskan cruise thing much easier from this side of the pond. My wife and I have now booked our trip there this summer – returning on Icelandair from Seattle.

SW, Herts

Thank you so much for that tip about Air France. I’ve changed my booking and am both a much happier bunny AND about £200 better off!

JS, Redditch

 Just to let you know that I have now booked my South American regional pass. I reckon I saved about £800 by using the pass rather than booking the fares myself. Thank you so much for pointing me in this direction and helping me organise the tickets.

AB, Kent

Once again you’ve come through. Used the email address for easyJet and was refunded in 24 hours! Thanks!

LA, Bristol

Thank you for your advice about contacting a specialist. With the benefit of his special deals with airlines he was able to offer a better fare using a Qantas Discovery package rather than the One World itinerary that I had created on line; same route, same flights.

BJ, London

BA refund received. That did the trick. Thanks for the advice.

PV, Douglas

As ever, you are absolutely spot on. I am really disappointed not to be able to introduce the kids to the wonders of North Africa, but sadly I think a whole separate trip would be much more sensible. And yes, Andalucia has LOADS to offer… Thanks for clarifying. It must be wonderful to have all that knowledge!

CI, Birmingham

Thank you for that. Overall I think the AF crews are more helpful than BA, but the lounges are a disappointment.

EM, London

You are very kind to have sought out this information! Thank you so much and it is all extremely helpful.

DL, London

Thank you SO much for this speedy reply …. Very interesting!!

DC, Southport

Thanks for this, especially your comments on seat61. We’ll take them into account.

JO, St Helier

Many thanks for your clear advice. I was on the phone with AA for over half an hour whilst they tried to come up with the answer…

MM, Derby

We have been subscribers to your magazine for many years and regard it as authoritative in its field and highly regarded in the business of travel. It has gained that reputation, with us and others, by its consistency and independence from travel business influence. Its judgements are not lightly given and are always substantiated by the evidence upon which it has based that judgement.

CJ, Doncaster