The butchery begins at BMI

So Lufthansa’s recent acquisition goes under the knife. The Times is reporting that 600 jobs will be going as well as well as a number of routes. The airline will cut the number of aircraft in its mainline fleet from 39 to 30 and will end services from Heathrow to Brussels, Tel Aviv, Kiev and Aleppo in January. Its Heathrow-Amsterdam service (its first international route from Heathrow) will shut in March and seasonal services to Palma and Venice will not be restarted next summer. Particularly noteworthy is the closure of Tel Aviv, which had been receiving double daily flights since May this year, and had apparently been profitable since its launch in March 2008.

Cynics amongst you might suggest however that this just par for the course and continues BMI’s own chaotic approach to route development. This has regularly seen supposedly profitable routes (for instance to Chicago and Las Vegas) pulled within a couple of years of starting.

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