The Joy of Tweeting

Having a Twitter account is not just for internet junkies but can be a valuable additional tool for travellers. As we have said several times in Inside Traveller, it can be a little like knowing the Chairman’s secretary at a major airline or hotel chain. Travel companies are anxious to take advantage of the new social media and those in charge of Twitter and Facebook pages are generally fairly well-connected within their organisations. As well as interacting with customers, they are also anxious to ensure that their company’s reputation is maintained. During last December’s snowstorms many people took advantage of Twitter to contact their airline and get faster and more personalised help than would have been the case through a normal call centre.

The other day I had the opportunity to put our advice into action. I had a problem reserving a ticket through BMI’s Diamond Club so a quick tweet to and my problem was passed on to a supervisor who called me and was able to resolve the issue without difficulty. In fairness, I could probably have phoned Diamond Club myself but, since the issue was a little complicated, I am sure it would have taken much longer to sort out.

BMI’s Social Media people are rather more active than some but I strongly suggest following all your regular airlines and hotel companies. Not only will you receive news of any special deals as they are made available, you will someone to call on if it all goes pear-shaped.

Meanwhile, a big thank you to

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