Well done BMIBaby!

In the last few years, virtually every consumer company you can think of has latched on to the idea of bundling products. From packages for mobiles with landline, “free” internet and satellite television or just simple “buy two get one free” deals in supermarkets, companies are fighting to give consumers more so they can increase their revenue.

Remarkably, airlines have been going the other way. They have unbundled their product to such an extent that on a budget airline everything costs extra.

They really need the extra revenue they get from these add-ons and it is amazing that so few airlines have come up with attractive packages that actually encourage their customers to buy, rather than making them pay what feel like fines.

Both Germanwings and Jet2 have produced worthwhile packages but easyJet has remained with its head stuck firmly in the clouds. Their latest wheeze of selling flexible fares at astronomic prices, often bearing no relation to what full-service carriers charge, shows just how far out of touch the airline still is.

BMIBaby has shown more sense and has now come up with two attractive packages which include several extras at an attractive price. The airline has realised it will only sell these packages if the price is sufficiently below the total cost of all the extras if purchased separately. FlyPlus is aimed at business travellers and includes baggage, credit card charges, seat reservations, ticket changes and the use of an airport Lounge. FamilyFly costs less but does not include the Lounge or change facility. Our only quibble is that the “FamilyFly” name is rather silly since the package is as attractive to individual passengers as it is to families.

The price for both packages looked interesting on fares we checked. Let’s hope that BMIBaby have a good response because it might show other budgets that one of the ways of increasing your revenue is to offer passengers more. That way the airline gets more income and the passenger gets more and still feels he has a good deal.


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